The Washington Post said of Chip Franklin’s broadcasting skills, “he brings a sense of irony to a medium that rarely trusts the audience to get the joke.” Heard weekdays from Noon to 3:00 p.m on KGO, Franklin delivers more than just talk. In addition to over 20 years as a radio host, he’s also a comedian, musician, and filmmaker who has written for and/or appeared on shows and networks including: The Tonight Show, The Situation Room, Larry King, The CBS Morning Show, The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, HBO and Showtime.

A winner of over 25 AP awards for broadcasting, he’s also garnered 7 Edward R. Murrow awards for radio and television. Franklin’s 2004 National Murrow award for writing was presented to him by Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw. Franklin has hosted shows in San Diego, Baltimore, and Washington DC, and now San Francisco. Chip has won numerous awards for his political coverage at the Democratic and Republican national conventions. A skilled musician and songwriter, the Post, reviewing his eponymous recording debut said, “the musicianship is practically peerless.” Chip also regularly appears at comedy clubs across the U.S.

An award making filmmaker, Chip consults, politicians, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals on new media.


Standing Up

May 24th, 2015

pg-35-napoleon-1-dea-gettyNapoleon was taller than average. Did you know that? I was thinking of the French commander as I just had a physical and was told I’m 6′ tall. I used to be 6’1. I have shrunk a whole inch over the last 25 years. (Actually, I wore thru the cartilage between my vertebrae. Freaky to see on an MRI, but I’m not in pain and I still run and play golf.) But it’s funny. I don’t come across as tall. Most people guess I’m 5’10. That’s ok. I kind of like that. I know I come on strong. I’ve been told that I have an intimidating personality. When I was young, I was very insecure. That’s probably true of most performers. I needed to stand on others to be tall.
These days, I don’t put a lot of importance on height. My favorite musicians and athletes are shorter than average, or so I hear. I honestly don’t know the heights of my wife and children, or my sisters, their husbands, their kids. I just have this minds-eye picture of them, even when we are together. It sounds weird, but the older I get, the clearer that vision becomes. I have come to believe that a person’s stature has little to do with their physical appearance, and almost everything to do with “how” they carry themselves. I arrived at this point without fanfare; more like realizing you’re no longer asleep.
When people mock the success of short people, they often refer to a Napoleonic complex. The point being that Napoleon’s success was an over-compensation for his lack of height. But the truth was, not only was the French commander a genius, but he was taller than average. In every way.
It took a long time, and a lot of patience from a lot of friends, for me to find my way. To find my true height. All be told, for someone who still speaks to pay my bills, I feeling more and more comfortable these days listening to others. You might say it’s growing on me.
(For Jackson)