Cocker and Belushi

December 22nd, 2014

Goodbye Joe.
By request, I sang “With a Little Help From My Friends” at a funeral for a friend once. As I practiced,
I thought of Belushi and Cocker. And at our final party in High School before we graduated.
Makes me think of my friends who have had my back throughout the years.
Some still here, some moved on.
I saw John Belushi at CBGB’s the weekend after he sang “Little help” on SNL. Everyone was shouting at him about Joe Cocker.
“You were awesome!” the throng yelled.
He looked right at me and said, “Tribute, man. It was a tribute.”
Or something to that effect. It was very loud.
When he died, I thought of that song. Of Cocker and Belushi.
Here’s to leaving it all on the field.

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