Let’s Play War!

February 12th, 2012

When I was a kid, little boys played War. Try that today and they’ll have you on a couch quicker than u can open a bottle of Zanex. 

Remember the toys we played with then? Not so much now. Jarts? Basically life size darts for games of skill and impalement. You’d throw them across the lawn at a target, or a cousin. They’re gone.
And what better to have after a good game of Jarts than a bubble gum cigarette? Just like Uncle Bob. The one with the hole in his throat.
Remember the BB gun? They’re still available, but you need a 50-state background check.
And lets not leave the girls out…
This is the Easy-Bake oven, which was banned because some girls kept touching the light bulb. I don’t want to judge, but maybe thats a sign you aren’t ready to prepare food.
And finally, a toy I can’t believe they banned; from 1951, the Atomic Energy lab. It came complete with real samples of uranium, and a geiger counter to measure radioactivity. It’s been banned too. Yet another example of the PC police taking over. An atomic energy lab? What could go wrong..
Hey kid, don’t touch that…

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