What Will You Do When You Grow Up?

January 1st, 2010


Remember that question? I dated a girl in my 20’s whose mother kept asking me when I would drop “Chip” and go by my given name, “Charles.”  She said that it just sounded more adult. Maybe she had something there because over the years, I’ve seldom been seen as an “adult.”
I have an idea about the world that parallels  the movie, “King of Hearts.”  It’s a French film where a town is abandoned during a battle in the second world war, and the insane people from a hospital are left behind to fend for themselves. So when a soldier who has lost his way stumbles into town, the roles become reversed, and he is forced to reexamine his world.

I can’t help but look at the world different. My mother used to challenge me to face fear down, and to believe anything was possible. It doesn’t mean I’m morally superior, it’s just how I’m wired.  When I’m asked, “what do I think happens after you die,” my first thought is, “that’s the wrong question.”  What if before and after are nothing more than barriers to just living right now? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Chip got hold of some good shit.

The quantum world which will shape the foreseeable future respects Euclid and Newton, but at the same time exposes them as well.  It perplexed Einstein to his dying moment. I understand and feel their pain. Quantum principles challenge preconceived notions of time, space, and reality in a way that forces us to look at the world much as that soldier did. But I love the idea that the answers to so many paradoxes may be simply more questions. That the answer to the most complex of equations may not be a number, but instead as physicist Niels Bohr suggested, more like a song.

So call me odd, or whatever you like. But for the record, the name is Chip.

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